Sunday, September 18, 2011

14 years of silence

As a sequal to the last post:
I bought these babies! I fucking love them more than any shoes I've ever owned. I couldn't really decide which colour on the laces I liked the most so I had them both for a day. The result was black.

The lack of updates is due to the lack of exciting things happening in my life right now:D Im just working and spending time with my friends. I have also signed up for a course at SU so for a few months I will study latin from my home. I love it.

I lied. My life is full of exciting things it's just that I don't always have the camera around or feel like sharing it here on my blog. I've been to a lot of awesome parties lately and I go out at least two times a week. On the weekends I try to spend as much time as possible with my boyfriend who has moved to Uppsala. Miss him so much during the weeks.

Yesterday I was on a theme party, love to dress up, and the theme was 1938. It was hilarious! Nearly everyone looked as if they where timetravellers from the late thirties. My inspiration was a bit Eva Braun, Greta Garbo and Joan Crawford.
I fell in love with the cylinder-hat. My friend collect hats^^

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